Winding Machines

The MTM winding machine lineup is divided into the following groups:

  • DWM Series (Wire Winding)
  • FM & LCFM Series (Foil Winding)
  • FWM & LCFWM Series (Combination Wire & Foil Winding)
  • HVF Series (HV Foil, Winding for cast resin coils)

All MTM winding machines incorporate Beckhoff Automation control systems providing seamless integration between machine operation and the operator interface. Winding machines are designed specifically to offer the optimal winding torque / speed for the application.

All machines are I0T (Industry 4.0) ready. Provided with every winding machine is an offline file / recipe creation program allowing the user to create winding programs away from the machine for subsequent transfer to the machine via USB drive or local intranet.


DWM Series (Wire Winding)  

The DWM Series Winding Machine is designed to wind 1, 2, or 3 coils at a time with up to 2 round or 6 rectangular wires per coil. Up to 6 rolls of insulation (2 for each coil) are positioned directly behind the winding axis.   The wire is precisely guided onto the coil by a traversing single, double or triple head with integrated wire flattening.

Machine is shown with both rectangular and round wire decoilers (3 coil configuration). Edge Fill and Gradient Insulation Wrapping systems are available.


FWM & FM Series (Foil & Foil / Wire Winding)

FWM & FM Series Winding Machines offers full automation of coil winding process including foil alignment, integrated cold welding, coil follower roller, power feed, and edge deburring of the foil conductor. The option of adding wire winding can increase machine utilization and performance by decreasing coil handling in process.  The standard range of FWM / FM Machines accommodate foil conductors up to 1200 mm wide. Multi-coil fabrication is also available.

The FWM & FM Series machine is shown with a two (2)-foil configuration. Contact MTM for more information or configurations.

LC FM & LC FWM Series (Foil & Foil / Wire Winding)

Low-Compact LC FM & LC FWM Series Machines offer almost all of the high-level features found on the FWM / FM Series, but with a more compact footprint and lower, ergonomic layout.  Multi-coil fabrication is also available.

The LC FWM & LC FM Series machine is shown with a two (2)-foil configuration. Contact MTM for more information or configurations.

HVF Series (HV Foil, Winding for Cast Resin Coils)

The HV Series winding machine is designed to wind a single strip of aluminium foil with two insulation layers producing multiple windings on a single mandrel, one winding at a time.  The machine delivers tensioned foil and insulations with backwind feature.  An integrated foil brushing system with vacuum provides pre-cleaning of the foil prior to winding.  Optional features include power tailstock, integrated TIG welding and foil deburring.