Wound Core

MTM offers a set of machines for the manufacture of distributed gap transformer cores. The unformed core round is constructed by inserting books/packets of laminations inward from the outer circumference. This method allows extremely quick change-over times regardless of core size, with no tooling requirements..  The illustration below shows a typical production line. Machines are also available individually to complement existing lines.

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  • Splaying Table

    The MTM Splaying Table is designed to evenly space or offset the laminations within a book / group, creating the distributed gap in the wound… More ›

  • Multi–Purpose Shear

    The Multi-Purpose Shear (MPS) is a versatile and scalable system for the production of straight 90 degree cut laminations for stacked core designs and distributed gap… More ›

  • Core Forming Press

    The MTM Core Forming press is used to press round cores into a rectangular shape before the annealing process. The frame rises to allowing entry of the core… More ›

  • Steel Decoilers

    MTM Dual Spindle Decoilers are designed with a robust welded structure that provides a secure, freestanding base for uncoiling core steel into MTM cutting lines or… More ›