MTM provides a complete line of manufacturing equipment to support production of distributed gap cores.

From complete manufacturing solutions to individual equipment, MTM can help you improve your processes.

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Production Line

MTM offers a complete line of equipment used in the manufacturing of distributed gap (wound) cores. Our equipment integrates with TRANCO wound core machines to produce a flexible and scalable manufacturing cell. High speed dual spindle decoilers, coil loading carts and core forming equipment, MTM has all your requirements covered.
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Core/Coil Assembly Tables

MTM offers a standard line of core/coil assembly tables suitable for CRGO and amorphous core materials. Tables are comptible with TRANCO or Unicore style cores. All tables are designed with an integrated hydraulic system for setting the coil positions (relative to the lapping surface) and for rotating the core/coil assemblies with assembled.

Tables range in various sizes and shape ranging from 2,000 lb. up to 8,000 lb. Contact MTM to learn more about standard or customized solutions.

Steel Decoilers

MTM offers 2 versions of CRGO steel decoilers that integrate the with cut to length lines from MTM or any other OEMs. The dual spindle design allows loading/unloading of the secondary spindle when the primary is actively feeding material to the cut to the length line. Both decoilers feature hydraulic expanding spindles and can be integrated with coil loading cart reduce requirements of overhead cranes or fork trucks.

The MTM Dual Spindle Decoiler Series 2 offers electric spindle decoileing allowing for continuous operation during the feeding process. The spindle will increase/decrease in speed to meet demand. Also offered is power ratation of the turret for staging.

Core Former

The MTM Core Former is designed to form wound cores(distributed gap cores) in sizes up to 38 in. (1,020 mm) in diameter. In addition to the 4 forming pads for the outside of the core. MTM offers internal spreaders that are capable of controlling the inside dimension while preventing collapse of the gaps.

The MTM Core Former is available in multiple sizes to meet your ergonomic and production needs. Manual or semi-automated operations are also available.



Complete turn key automated production lines available that can be design to meet production and facility requirements.


Ergonomic equipment designs