Coil Winding

MTM manufactures a full range of coil winding machines designed for distribution transformer manufacturing. Dedicated machines for wire, foil strip, or a combination of both wire & foil are available.

To compliment the winding machine product lineup, a full range of winding mandrels are available that can be integrated with the machine for a complete solution. Engineering services are available to ensure integration with existing mandrels or tooling if the user already has these products.

Tooling such as portable cold welding, rectangular wire bending, and round wire flattening are available for integration with MTM or other OEM machinery.

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  • Tooling

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  • Winding Machines

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  • Winding Mandrels

    MTM offers a full range of winding mandrels for integration into MTM and other OEM winding machines. Robust, flexible designs allow for easy integration into… More ›