Steel Decoilers

MTM Dual Spindle Decoilers are designed with a robust welded structure that provides a secure, freestanding base for uncoiling core steel into MTM cutting lines or other OEM cut to length lines. Designed with two spindles, the upper assembly rotates 180 degrees allowing for the secondary spindle to be loaded while in standby and then rotated into position at the end of the roll or at the start of the next material width.

Model 1 features an integrated hydraulic system for spindle expansion and rotation. Decoiling speeds of 90 meters / minute are capable. Please contact MTM for more information.

Model 2 features hydraulic spindle expansion and optional turret rotation, with spindle rotation controlled by a powerful AC Vector gear motor. Designed for high-speed applications, Model 2 is able to deliver beyond 120 meters / minute of material.  An optional coil-loading cart reduces dependence on overhead cranes and fork trucks during machine operation. Please contact MTM for more information.