Radiator Production Equipment

Roll Form Press

Controlled by a precision servomotor, the Roll From Press machine produces panels of variable length according to the chosen profile and end detail. Forming and feeding rollers work in combination with a press tool to form panels in a fully automated process.

Multi-Spot Welder

The Multi-Spot Welder makes up to 6 rows of spot welds along the ribs through the length of the panel. Software-controlled servo indexing of the panel assembly assures symmetrical positioning of spots for optimal pressure distribution.

Seam Welder

The Seam Welder joins the edges of the panels through resistance welding. Each copper-welding wheel is internally cooled, without the need for an external water system.

As an automated solution, the seam is welded by dual welders for the longitudinal sides of the panel and by a third welder for the panel ends. As a manual solution, the operator controls the position of the panel relative to the welding wheels and rotates the panel in a single motion.

Header Punch Press

The header Punch Press automatically punches a pair of slots on a pipe at a pre-programmed pitch. These slots are matched to the MTM panel profile design for optimal flow. Custom solutions are available.

Assembly Fixtures

The panel to pipe assembly fixture aids in the assembly of radiator panel assemblies to header pipes. Panels can be manually or automatically placed in a staging array fixture. A hydraulic press positions and holds the entire assembly for tack welding. Fixtures to help align mounting flanges for welding are also available.