MTM designs and manufactures versatile and scalable cut-to-length systems for the production of straight 90 degree cut laminations used for stacked core designs, shunts, and distributed gap core rounds.

With various cutting modes these systems are able to meet a range of manufacturing requirements.

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MPS400 / 600

The MPS400 / 600 cut to length system is designed to cut widths from 40 mm up to 400 mm and 600 mm respectively with the ability to cut 2 (two) strips of core steel at the same time (width dependant). An optional hole punching function can be added to the MPS600 shear.

    • 90-degree shear with book offset & progressive length
    • Programmable, touch screen computer control
    • Single or Dual Strip cutting sequence
    • Hole Punching Assembly (optional on MPS600)
    • Simplified Design, low maintenance costs, small footprint
    • Auto – Leveling stacking platform (or optional Universal Stacking System for multiple pile stacking)
    • Up to 130 pcs / minute in Single Strip Mode (Up to 200 pcs / minute in Dual Strip Mode)”


Cutting Sequences




Suitable for 90 Degree Stacked Cores, stunts, and wound core (progressive length) cutting sequences


Fully programmable control system with touch screen HMI. Core programs can be made & downloaded from remote computer when networked.


Remote assistance troubleshooting via secure internet connection


Built-in functions and additional integration suites for monitoring and reporting process data to enhance manufacturing efficiency. Industry 4.0 ready.